Biochemistry 118

Sophomore Seminar

A Human Genome Stained by Fluourescent in Situ Hybridization

Genomics & Medicine

Doug Brutlag

Seminar Description

In this seminar we will discuss the kind of knowledge we hope to gain from sequencing human genomes and the implications of such knowledge for medicine and biomedical research. We will discuss novel diagnoses and treatment of diseases, including stem cells, gene therapy and rational drug design. We will discuss personal genomics and how it can be used to improve health and well being. We will also discuss the social and ethical implications of genetic information such as privacy, discrimination and insurability.

The course will be of interest to students who plan to major in biology or human biology, especially premedical students and biology majors who use molecular biology methods. It will also be useful to those interested in health care policy, intellectual-property rights and ethical issues. Homework will include using genome and disease databases to determine the function of genes involved in disease. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Recommended text book.

This textbook is not required for the course but it provides an excellent introduction to the material discussed including basic genetics and genomics used in medicine and research. This would be a good reference book for those continuing to work in this field.

A Primer of Genome Science

A Primer of Genome Science by Gibson and Muse

A More Elementary Introduction to Genetics, Genomics and Medicine:

Genetics Home Reference Handbook

Click on this link or the image below to downlooad a PDF of this textbook.

GHR Handbook


Seminar Topics and Web References

  1. Diseases and Disease Databases

  2. Genomics

  3. Bioinformatics

  4. SNPs and CNVs in the human genome

  5. Genome Wide Association Studies

  6. Personal Genomics

  7. Stem Cell Therapies

  8. Gene Expression and Cancer Diagnostics

  9. Epigenetics

  10. Patent Policy

  11. Drug Development and Pharmacogenomics

  12. Ethical Issues and Genetic Discrimination

  13. Bibliographic Search


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