Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Reports 2002

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Mustafa Abbas

Genetics and the mystery of Schizophrenia: What lies ahead….


Daniel Holbert

Scoring Matrices: The Arrays Used to Find and Evaluate Protein Homologies


 Leslie Hotson

Eugenics in the United States


Mark Hsu

Is it on or off? The Use of Microarrays in Functional Genomics


Rochelle Lee

Design-Your-Own-Baby: The Techniques, Feasibility, and Ethics of Human Genetic Enhancement


Tara Ramachandra

DNA Forensic Technology: Convicted by Man, Exonerated by Science


Peter Ro

HIV Protease Inhibitor: Past Endeavors and Future Developments


Anthony Sung

Avoiding Selective Pressure: Using Genomics to Design Anti-Virulence Drugs


Branden Tarlow

It's not just your genes: using genomics to identify, trace, and treat foreign pathogens


Joakim Vinberg

Teaching an Old Candyman New Tricks: Reforming the FDA


Paul Zhang

Follow Monty Python's Footsteps: Towards the Holy Grail of Protein Structure Prediction