Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Projects 2013

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  1. Elizabeth Bernal - The Ethics of Prenatal Genetic Testing: A religious View

  2. Sloane Brazina - Genetics of the Stress Response and Stress-Induced Disease

  3. Dru Brenner - Eugenics: The Pathway to a Brighter Future or a Slippery Slope of Immorality?

  4. Steven Chen - Lurking in the Shadows: A Case Study of Surreptitious Sampling

  5. Tamara Chin Loy - The Genes of HIV/AIDS

  6. Nicole Gurtler - Genomics and Multiple Sclerosis

  7. Jasmine Johnson - Ethics of Personal Genomics Today: Discrimination, Privacy and the Psyche

  8. Habib Khoury - A Genetic Analysis of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  9. Willian Kim - Fatal Fate in Monoamine Oxidase A: Examining the Conflict of Free Will and Genetic Determinism through the “Warrior Gene”

  10. Adam Poole - Drug Screening and Genomics

  11. Jackson Poulos - Gene Expression Profiling in Cancer Diagnosis

  12. Mark Schramm - Epigenetic Mechanisms and New Technologies for Studying Them

  13. Hailey Spelman - Determining Cellular Fate: Pre- and Postnatal Methylation Effects on Gene Expression