Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Reports 2008 Autumn

1) Steven Bhutra - Proteomics of Alzheimer's Disease

2) Samantha Buechner - Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)

3) Clara Caruthers - Genetic Testing and Counseling for Women At-Risk for Familial Breast Cancer

4) Gabriel Jimenez-Medina - Mainstream Eugenics: A Moral Imperative?

5) Ashley John - Implications of Racial Health Disparities: Race-based Pharmaceuticals

6) Johsua Kani - How Genomic Analysis is Changing the Theory of Stress and Aging

7) Kimberly Kreitinger - Nutrigenomics

8) Annelise Mah - New Genomics Technology: Copy Number Variation Analysis Methods

9) Lan Mai - New Treatments of Cancers using Gene Expression and Regulation

10) Lidia Park - MicroRNAs: Regulatory Function and Potential for Gene Therapy

11) John Sun - Stem Cells: A Closer Look

12) Lisa Tachiki -Stem Cells and Stem Cell Therapy

13) Angela Torney - Potential Regulation of DTC Genetic Testing

14) Mike Wei - ChIP-on-chip