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Ethical Issues and Genetic Discrimination


Is Genome Sequencing Surpassing Medical Knowledge? Hank Greely on Science Friday, NPR October 29, 2010

Advantages & Issues of Genome Diagnoses

Nature versus Nuture Our genes and cancer

What is immoral about eugenics?

Genomics and Society

Genomic Privacy July 12, 2002

Discrimination is Good

DNA Sequencing FAST

Genome Analysis Shows Humans Survive on Low Numbers of Genes (Nicholas Wade 2001)

Genome's Riddle: Few Genes, Much Complexity (Nicholas Wade 2001)

Grad Student Becomes Gene Effort's Unlikely Hero (Nicholas Wade 2001)

Genome shows Evolution Has an Eye for Hyperbole (Natalie Angier 2001)

Double Helix With a Twist (Andrew Pollack 2001)

Estonian Genome Project Documents

Estonian Genome Project

Estonian HumanGenesResearchAct.

Estonian Gene Donor Consent Form

Stem Cell Policy Issues

AAAS Policy on Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research

AAMC Policy on Stem Cell Nuclear Transfer

American Pregnancy Association: In Vitro Fertilization

Dignitas Personai: The Catholic View

French Academy of Science - Stem Cell Policy

Genetics Policy Institute

NIH Executive Summary of Stem Cell Issues

Stem Cells and Cancer - The Economist

Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Ethics and Policy at Stanford

Stanford Magazines Review of Stem Cell Research Debate 2003

Proposition 71 and Stem Cell Article from San Francisco Magazine

New Atlantis Articles

A Bioethics Agenda by Eric Cohen

Leon Kass Response to Eric Cohen

Cloning Logjam at the United Nations

UN Backs Human Cloning Ban

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act HR 493 2008

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act 2007 (HB 493) Seven page summary

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act 2007 (HB 493) Full Text

California GINA Bill SB559

Genetic Selection or eugenics

Michael J. Sandel The Case Against Perfection

Michael J. Sandel on Forum with Michael Krasny May 7, 2007

Laws Restricting Health Insurers' Use of Genetic Information: Impact on Genetic Discrimination by Mark A. Hall and Stephen S. Rich, American Journal of Human Genetics 66:293-307 (2000).

Genetic Privacy Laws and Patients' Fear of Discrimination by Health Insurers: The View from Genetic Counselors by Mark A. Hall and Stephen S. Rich Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 28:245-257 (2000).

Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Human Genome Research by Henry T. Greely, Annual Review of Anthropology 27, 473-503 (1998).

Genotype Discrimination: The complex case for some legislative protection. Henry T. Greely. 149 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1483 (May 2001)

Genetic Testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2: Recommendations of the Stanford Program in Genomics, Ethics and Society, by Barbara Koenig et al., Journal of Women’s Health 7(5) 531-545 (1998).

Gene tests bring agonizing choices by Richard Willing, USA Today April 23, 2001. (Note: You may need to print this article for better readability.)

Recent Reviews of Ethical Issues and Genomics


Other Ethical Issues

The genetics of intelligence: Ethics and the conduct of trustworthy research -




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