Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Projects 2010

(Adobe Reader is Required to view these reports)

1. Jonathan Barrera - Genetic Engineering and "Designer Babies"

2. Taurean Butler - Which Came First: the Gene or the Environment Factor?

3. Pooja Desai - The Malaria-Proof Mosquito: Genetic Engineering with Massive Potential

4. Roxanne Diaz Caceres - Exploring the role of TCF1 expression in Smooth Muscle Cells and its relationship with Coronary Heart Disease

5. Everett Frost - The Blood-Brain Barrier and Innovative Technology for Increasing Absorption of Medicine into Brain Tissue

6. Linyi Gao - Drug Discovery with SELEX: Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment

Linyi Gao: Narative on SELEX

7. Oswaldo Hasbún - Bubble Boy Disease

8. Elvia Jimenez Ramos - At the end of the Road

9. Iris Jovel - Parental Selection and Genetic Enhancements: Problems or Potential?

10. Cody Mills - HIV/AIDS Treatment

11. Maia Mosse - Machines, Smart Pills and Microchips, Oh my! A glimpse at patient compliance and diagnostic technology

12. Sejal Parekh - Nutrigenomics

13. Virginia Scholtes -How Hard Could It Be? The Integration of Personal Genomics into Medical Practise

14. Carolyn Sinow -Enzyme Replacement Therapy

15. Annie Smartt - California Cornflakes and Brown Sugar: The Genetic Predisposition to Heroin and Cocaine Addiction

16. Dana Wyman - Adapting Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells For Clinical Use