Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Projects Autumn 2009

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1. Carl DeGuzman - Gene Therapy- From Medicine to Perfection and the Ethical Arguments

2. Chase Richard - Heart Valve Replacements: Traditional Treatments and the New Role of Stem Cell Therapy

3. Chau Vu - Genes Regulating Cholesterol Metabolism

4. Chen Lossos - Microarrays in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

5. Huy Phan - Current Understanding of the Hepatitis B Virus and Its Genotypes

6. Joshua Wang - Eugenics

7. Julie Saffarian - The implications of Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering in Cardiovascular Repair

8. Kaitlin Olson - Fatal Familial Insomnia and the Prion Protein

9. Katarzyna Zabrocka - Nature & Nurture: The Role of Genetics and Environment in Human Disease and Characteristics

10. Kelsie Pombo - Epigenomics and Aging

11. Louis Lu - Drug Discovery and the Pharmaceutical Industry

12. Michael Liu - HIV Gene Therapy

13. Thea Tran - Surrogacy

14. William Wagstaff - Colon Cancer