Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Reports 2007

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Desiree Burroughs-Hill

Eugenics Reevaluated

Andrea Cantú

Creation of a Human Immune System in a SCID Mouse Model Using Artificial Bone Marrow

Corey Clemons

A Case for Genetic Testing: Issues, Controversy, and Unintended Consequences

Cristina Cordova

Ethical Consequences of Genomics

A.R. El-Khattabi

The Future of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Leah Machen

HIV/AIDS, Socioeconomic Status, and Life Insurance

Tamandra Morgan

The Genetics of Breast Cancer

Nghi Nguyen

Regulation of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation

Liese Pruitt

National Genome Projects: A New Trend in Biopolitics

Elvera Sofos

Within Grey Area: Patents, Pharmaceuticals, and Genomics

John Thomas

Clarifying the stem cell debate

Girmay Zahilay


Class Photo

Standing: Corey, Nghi, Elvera, AR, Leah, Tamandra. Girmay, Desireé. John

Seated: Cristina, Elena, Andrea, Amy, Liese

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