Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final p;rojects 2012-2013 Autumn

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  1. Maheetha Bharadwaj - An Introduction to Gene Therapy Wht is it?

  2. Johnatahn Bowes - Hippocrates and Helices The Importance of Integrating Genomics, Epigenomics, and Personalized Medicine into Systems of Medical Education

  3. Megan Chin - Genomics: Discovering Associations with HIV/AIDS

  4. Krista Cooksey - Frankenfoods or Foods of the Future?

  5. Alesandra Espinoza - ERCC-6 – Cockayne Syndrome CSB

  6. Marie Hubbard - Psychological Consequences of Personal Genomics

  7. Vannida Ket - The Persistent Effects of Childhood Abuse through the Lens of Epigenetics

  8. Meredith Lehmann - Genomics and Novel Understandings of Infectious Disease

  9. Lila Neahring - Applications of Genomics to Malaria Treatment

  10. Brian Nguyen - Utilizing Genomics and Identifying Biomarkers to Develop Targeted Therapies in Cancer

  11. Carla Remulla - Immunoglobulin Deficiencies and the Effects on One's Life

  12. Manuela Richter - Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease: Plaques, Tangles, and Genomics

  13. Tatiana Rosenblatt - Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Selection: A Moral Vertigo

  14. Vinamrata Singal - The Ethics of Direct-to- consumer Testing

  15. Lauren Sweet - Bones, Nerves and a Little Trk

  16. Kasiemobi Udo-okoye - The Genomics of Smoking & Addiction

  17. Shelley Xu - Genetic Discrimination Post-GINA

  18. Christine Yiwen Yeh - The Second Draft: The Human Epigenome for novel Diagnoses and Therapies