Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Reports 2001

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Alexis Wallen

Gene Therapy: Current Methods and Research for Cystic Fibrosis


Amit Kaushal

2-dimensional Clustering and Context-specific Bayesian Clustering


Andrew Simons

Comparative Genomics of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


Ani Khondkaryan

Pharmacogenetics: A SNPShot of the Future


Brendan Burke

Applying Bioinfomatics Strategies in Huntingtons Disease Research


Chris Lorenz

CAMD and GAs in Rational Drug Design


Jimmy Renteria

Cut, Print: Our Emerging Understanding of Alternative Splicing


Karan Sundlass

Bioinformatics Tools and Genomes to Life


Keegan Duchicela

Alzheimer's Disease: Current State of Molecular Genetics Research and Treatments


Minal Mehta

Pharmacogenomics Individualized Care: Efforts and Effects


Reza Jacob

Bioinformatics of Proteins


Susan Quan

An Average Man's "Discovery" of the Human Genome