Biochemistry 118

Sophomore Seminar


Genomics & Medicine

Doug Brutlag

Gene Expression and Cancer Diagnostics

Lecture Rerources on Gene Expression

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Melina II


Papers on diagnosing Breast Cancer using Gene Expression MicroArrays

Sorlie et al PNAS 2001 PNAS September 11, 2001 vol. 98 page 10871

Lonning et al. Endocrine-Related Cancer (2001) 8 259-263

The ENCODE Project

ENCODE: The human encyclopedia

Recent Literature on Gene Expression Profiles and Disease

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Arrayit Corporation

Biocarta Cell Signaling Pathways


miRNA Target Database MicroCom

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Lectures only available to Stanford Students

Henry Stewart Talks

Accessing and Using ENCODE Data (44 mins)  Prof. Peggy Farnham  –  University of California in Davis, USA

The basal transcription machinery for RNA polymerase II (42 mins)  Prof. H. T. Marc Timmers  –  University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Genome-wide organization of chromatin and the transcription machinery (48 mins)  Prof. Frank Pugh  –  Pennsylvania State University

The Myc transcription factor network (47 mins)  Prof. Robert N. Eisenman  –  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA

Role of polycomb proteins in gene transcription, stem cell and human diseases Prof. Luciano Di Croce  –  Center for Genomic Regulation

Heterochromatin, epigenetics and gene expression (51 mins)  Prof. Joel C. Eissenberg  –  Saint Louis University, USA

Histone dynamics, heritability and variants (38 mins)  Dr. Genevieve Almouzni  –  Curie Institute/CNRS, France

Enhancer malfunction in cancer (41 mins)  Dr. Ali Shilatifard  –  Stowers Institute, USA

Genetic variation in gene regulation - Prof. Jonathan Pritchard

Medical Grand Rounds

Roger Kornberg, Professor of Structural Biology, Nobel Laureate - Transcription in Development and Disease

Mark Pegram, Prof. of Medicine – Therapeutic strategies targeting ERBB2

Hanlee Ji,  Stanford Oncology – The Genetics of Personalized Cancer Medicine

Ross Levine, Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell - –Genetics and therapy of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Steve Coutre, Chief Resident, Stanford Department of Medicine–Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia: Do we have a cure?

Marc Lipman, University of Miami - Will we ever cure Breast Cancer?