Biochemistry 118

Genomics & Medicine

Final Projects Winter 2011

Alison Keiper - The Progress of Gene Therapy

Aliya Deri - "Timing" the Human Race: Mutation, Migration and Diversity

Angelique Dakkak - Ethics of Gene Therapy

Arjun Bhargava - Tumor Tropism: A Silver Buller?

Beza A. Dagne - Genetic Variations and Sensitivity to Malaria

Eileen Wright - Ethical and Legal Criteria for Consumable Genetic Testing

Gabriel Washington - Running the Risk: Sickle Cell Trait in Athletics

Hannah Obasi - Treatable Genetic Disorders

Justin Lee - Dwarfism

Karina Espinoza - p53 and Cancer

Kima Uche - Genomics & Patents: Human Heritage and the Cost of Innovation

Reed Jobs - The Ethics of Human Reproductive Cloning and Genetic Engineering

Savannah Gonzales - The Ethics Behind Eugenics and Genetic Engineering

Shristi Pandey - Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: A look into how genomics is changing the way we treat cancer.