Biochemistry 118

A Human Genome Stained by Fluourescent in Situ Hybridization

Genomics & Medicine

Doug Brutlag

Mendelian Disease Case Presentation Project

Please choose a single gene, Mendelian disease from one of the disease databases (Genes and Diseases, Genetics Home Reference, Gene Reviews. Online Inheritance in Man (OMIM)) and prepare an oral presentation for class. The Genes and Disease database is the most efficient for finding Mendelian Diseases. Please send me ( your choice of disease in an email as soon as you have made it so we can avoid duplicate presentations.

Please Include:

  1. a URL pointer to the OMIM or Gene Reviews entry for your disease

  2. a basic description of the disease and its symptoms

  3. the classical (pre-genetic) differential diagnosis of the disease

  4. the classical (pre-genetic) treatment of the disease

  5. description of genetics of the disease including world and ethnic distribution of the disease gene

  6. any novel diagnostics that have resulted from knowing the genetics

  7. any novel understanding of the disease that has lead to novel therapy based on genetic knowledge.

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